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Madame Picaud is pleased to present this beautiful area and advise on its beautiful sights (waterfalls, vineyards, caves, cheese, lakes, historical monuments ...).


Our hotel is located in the edge of the forest Vaivre the heart of the capital of the County, the Jura vineyards, nearby hiking trails.
An escalation? Hole of the Moon (a place called) road Chamole start walking street theater. Horseback riding? An equestrian center is St Lothain, character village 6km Poligny opportunity to reach the forest Vaivre by bike, on foot or by car.

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Poligny is rightly called "The Capital County". It is indeed within its walls that are most refined cheeses produced on the "County" area. Over 200,000 millstones there ready waiting for a future marketing throughout the world. Poligny includes the largest companies refinements such as Juraflore, Mounts and Earth, Grillot-Patent, Brown or Vagne. For 25 years, the city also hosted the Day County, real moment of glory for the king cheese, which was hosted by prestigious sponsors often.


The Vineyard
Second food polinoise pearl: the vineyard. While the local polinois covers only a small part of the 1,850 hectares of Jura, but it has still pleasant companion in his neighbor Arbois, which specializes in this kind of culture. In the heart of Revermont Poligny vineyard produces wines: Chardonnay, Savagnin, Poulsard, Trousseau under AOCs Côtes du Jura, Jura Macvin or Crémant du Jura. The polinois wineries also produce "gold Jura" Vin Jaune, an aged grape savagnin cask for 6 years and 3 months. In February 1997, Poligny hosted the first breakthrough of Vin Jaune has since become the largest wine event in France with more than 50,000 visitors on a weekend.


Heritage Poligny, city of art and history, is illustrated in particular by:


Castle Grimont was established on an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo Gryneus which stood on a rocky outcrop. Grimont comes from the contraction of Grynei Mons: the Mount Gryneus. Having decided to make the city of Poligny main stronghold and the center of his administration on the country, Louis XI did fortify the city and the castle by major works in 1481.
Today remain some of these fortifications walls, the Tower of Sergenterie, Donjon St. Lawrence and its brick-shaped face, and deadly in the walls of houses in the Grande Rue, clearly visible from the gardens of the street Longeville.



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